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Students: Barney Palituq, Rayleen Tigulluraq, Trena Hainnu, Clark Kalluk

Teacher Resource Support: Doug Sweetapple, Bobby Joanas, Igah Hainnu

Hamlet Support:  Hamlet Elders

  Heritage Fair


Winter Camp, Clothing, Activities



Summer Camp, Clothing, Activities

Written Summary
Name of Students:                       Trena Hainnu, Clark Kalluk, Raylene Tigulliraq, Barney Palluq                        Grade 8

Project Name:                                Clothing Worn and the Winter Camp and Summer Camps

Project Description: 

The main theme of our project started as making models to show the clothing worn by the Inuit during winter.  As we worked we modified the project to include the winter camp which would make a better setting for the dolls to show the clothing. 
Resources:   How did you find your information?
The information for our project came from two sources:
1) The Elders: Three of the Elders from our community of Clyde River helped us to prepare the dolls, cut the clothing, and sew the clothing.  We were involved in each of these stages as we worked and learned from the Elders.   Most of our written information was provide by the Elders as well.  This was obtained from interviewing them.
2) Bobby Joanas, a teacher in the school, provided us with the expertise and help in building the winter setting.   Building the models became an excellent way to learn in detail about our topic.  In addition, we learned how to work together in our group to get the work done. 
What did you find out as a result of your research?
1)      Working with the Elders was a good experience.  They have a great amount of knowledge about our traditions and culture and were eager to pass this information on to us. 
2)      Our group learned about the tradition of making the dolls and how they have been very important to the Inuit as a toy.  Then the tradition of making clothing from seal skin, caribou and the modern materials was passed on to us.  The tedious work and the details that are involved with doll making were amazing. 
3)      It helped us appreciate the work of our Elders down through the years.   
Describe your personal interest in the project and why you chose it.
We are interested in learning more about the ways of our culture.  This was one of the topics that came out of a brainstorming session and with some modifications, our group worked at learning as much as we could about the winter camping, dolls and the clothing worn by our people.  It was a lot of fun working with the Elders.


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