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News of the Week

Please CLICK HERE to see reduced versions of class pictures that have been taken to this point!

May 14th, 2001

"On-the-land" activities concluded this week, and certificates were awarded to all the participants.   With the wonderful help of Hamlet elders, the project this year was once again a tremendous success.  Students participated for three full days each, which meant at least once a week for the past three weeks.  Graham and Jukeepa presented the certificates during the last period on Friday.  Certificate.jpg (18164 bytes)

  Cert pres II.jpg (23201 bytes)   Cert Pres III.jpg (30745 bytes)

 Cert Pres IV.jpg (18576 bytes)    Cert Pres V.jpg (34650 bytes)    Cert Pres VI.jpg (18810 bytes)  

Cert Pres VII.jpg (29541 bytes)   Cert Pres VIII.jpg (26477 bytes)  

In addition this week, the Grade Ten, Eleven, and Twelve students were made aware of the opportunites available to them in the armed forces, and of many of the roles armed forces personnel play other than strictly military roles.  The Presentation was done during period six on Friday afternoon, was well attended, and appreciated.

Forces Presentation I.jpg (32765 bytes)   Forces Presentation II.jpg (29097 bytes)

                                                     Attentive in the classroom!                                                  The Presentation!

Picture taking has begun for the preparation of the school yearbook. Picture taking started with the morning Kindergarten class. (See picture below.) During the sixth period of very day next week, class pictures will be taken.  Team pictures will be taken after school.  All students are asked to be present for the taking of class pictures.   School yearbooks and their pictures will be provide very important memories for you in the future.  Most of the yearbook will also be available on this webpage, but we may run out of space because of the amount of space taken up by pictures.  :(  The class pictures will be posted on each class's individual page as they are completed.  The yearbook will be completed during the last weekend before school closure so that award winners can be included in the yearbook. The yearbooks should be available for sale on Monday, June 4th.  This is the last day of classes for students. 

Kindergarten I - Nunu.jpg (32150 bytes)

Heritage Fair Project - Regional Winner

The most exciting announcement of the week was that the school's Heritage Fair Project was selected as the regional winner. As a result of this, Barney Pallituq will be travelling to Kamloops, B.C., taking the exhibition with him.  Congratulations to all the participants on a job extremely well done.  If you haven't looked at the project yet, follow the links on this page to see a written and pictorial presentation of the work done by the students and their resource personnel. 

School Schedule:

The annual school picnic is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, June 30th. 

School awards will be presented on Friday, June 1st.

April 24th

This week was dominated by tradition activities. Part of an annual tradition, each year the DEA in cooperation with the school and elders from the community, organizes an "on-the-land" activity for the boys and girls of the school.  The boys and girls from grades four to nine are involved.  The boys are taken out on the land for three days of hunting experiences.  The girls spend the three days learning traditional sewing skills from the ladies.  This is another part of Quluaq School's commitment to mixing traditional culture with the regular academic pursuits.  

April 21 - Hunting 2.jpg (18852 bytes)           April 21 - Sewing Ladies.jpg (31345 bytes) April 21 - Sewing  17.jpg (33936 bytes)         April 21 - Sewing 12.jpg (17156 bytes)       April 21 - Regilee Sewing.jpg (22733 bytes)

Visit the Grade Five Student Page if you would like to see some additional pictures of some of the activities that have taken place during the past week or so.

April 17th

The School Is Sinking:

Apparently, as a result of the school's having been skirted in and the resulting trapping of heat under the building, the old section of school is gradually settling. The permafrost has been melting.  Over the past few days the skirting has been removed, but for the immediate future it looks like one part of the elementary/primary wing will have to be closed.  The high school wing is perfectly stable.  The Grades One and Two classes did not have school for the last few days of last week, but will resume classes on Tuesday.  Arrangements have been made to accommodate all classes in the existing school spaces. Some classes have had to be re-arranged. This section of the building was due to be torn down and replaced over the next two years.  If the settling doesn't stop, the temporary arrangements that have been set up for the next week or two, may have to stay in place until the new construction is completed.

Quack!.jpg (26513 bytes)

Was it a concidence that the flouride treatments were done the week before the Easter Bunny delivered all those chocolate eggs?

Charlie's Angels have nothing on Carol Ann's Angels

Lisa, KD, Jolene.jpg (24001 bytes)

Warming, bright weather, has allowed for a few activities to move outside. During the next few weeks, the school will see many "on the land" experiences for school students, and ondoubtedly many more outdoor excursions. There were a few Easter Egg Hunts take place this week.

Class 5.jpg (35621 bytes)

First Education Week

This week is Nunavut's first official education week.  Each afternoon this week the school has been involved in traditional Inuit activities in support of education week.  Education Week Photos: Click HERE.  Once you have reached this site follow these instructions carefully: Click on "Select All" (top left), then click on "Slideshow" left hand column, then, when the slideshow appears, click on "play."  (These are very small prints. If you would like the full sized prints posted, just e-mail: quluaqschool@hotmail.com andidentify the print you would like posted full size. Full sized prints will reproduce in good quality up to 8x10. There is no cost involved in viewing the photos or in copying them to your own computer or disk.)

Quluaq School's first education week was a tremendous success.  The afternoon sessions had the school divided into twenty stations. The students were divided into twenty groups, each group consisting of students from kindergarten to Grade Twelve. Starting on Monday, students spent a half hour in each of the first four stations assigned to them.  The stations consisted of traditional activities and fun activities, everything from traditional seal flipper games, to jump kicking, to sliding, to snow carving, to bannock making, to sewing and the making of friendship beads. The week ended on Friday afternoon with a performance by visiting drum dancers. 

EW 53.jpg (34028 bytes)

Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall

EW 43.jpg (32056 bytes)

Nothing to get all strung out about?

EW 31.jpg (32034 bytes)

Home entertainment system, Clyde River style!

EW 4.jpg (25593 bytes)

School should be like this all the time!

EW 1.jpg (34068 bytes)

Tear Art! Paper and glue and all things sticky!


Boys Win Bronze in Iqaluit

Quluaq School's boys' basketball team travelled to Iqaluit this weekend for a five team tournament.  They did really well and the school should be proud of them.  They won the bronze medal in a very exciting game against Pang.  Roger was the team's most valuable player.   Peter sank two crucial foul shots in the final game to put the game on ice for us.   Ivan, Mike, Chris, and Robert played very steady throughout the tournament.   Sam and Joshua made valuable contributions.  The whole team should be congratulated for their performance and their conduct. Great work guys!

Elders Finished on Friday

On Friday afternoon, much to the regret of the staff and students, the elders finished their work at the school for this term. The months that they spent at the school working with students and teachers added a new dimension to the school. Their visits were met with attention and respect, and all, both Kadloonat teachers and Inuit students, learned from their exposure to these wise and learned individuals.  We would like to thank them for their time and effort.  At times they certainly showed more energy, excitement and enthusiasm than most of us were capable of mustering up.  We're sad to see them go and we're looking forward to having them back with us as soon as possible.

This Week's Students of the Week:


Grade One:   A:  Natasha, Salia

Grade Two:

Grade Three:   Eleena

Grade Four:  A:  Anna, Cora

Grade Five:

Grade Six:

GROUP FOUR won the prize for the best snow sculpture for their sculpture of a home entertainment centre. See the picture below, left.

Upcoming News

Heritage Fair - Students at Quluaq School have done exquistely detailed work to demonstrate traditional living environments for both summer and winter.  CLICK HERE to visit the Heritage Fair project.

HF 23.jpg (21216 bytes)

wpe9.jpg (11179 bytes)

wpeA.jpg (11539 bytes)

And so things are passed on!

And thus it is. Quluaq school combines the traditional and cultural values of the Inuit with the teaching of skills needed to survive and maintain those values and traditions in a modern world. If the school is successful in its quest, graduates will have the best of both worlds.  We have only just begun. Extensions to the school next year, developing school policies and curricula, will help make Quluaq school and Clyde River a showcase for the way things should be done in the North.

Check this page often for weekly updates and additions. It is still very much under construction.


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